Aluminum foil rolling process


In the high-speed aluminum foil rolling, it is difficul […]

In the high-speed aluminum foil rolling, it is difficult to avoid the high concentration of oil vapor around the rolling mill. In order to minimize the concentration of oil vapor, the normal operation of the smoke exhausting device should be ensured, and the exhaust air volume should be maximized to strengthen the work roll and support. Check and check the roller and guide roller oil mist lubrication system to ensure that the oil mist generator oil level, oil pressure, wind pressure and temperature meet the requirements, and the connection line between the oil mist generator and the bearing housing should be unblocked to provide sufficient Lubrication conditions.

Poor lubrication of oil mist is one of the most important causes of rolling mill fire. In production, the key management of oil mist lubrication system should be dealt with, and problems should be detected and stopped in time. Strengthen the inspection and management of the inner ring and bearing of the roll. Every time the roll is changed, it should be inspected to repair and replace the faulty part in time. The installation of the bearing housing should be moderate, so as to avoid relative movement between the roller neck and the inner sleeve of the bearing. In places where there is oil vapor, explosion-proof electrical equipment must be used. When the crane spreader is removed, the power of the spreader should be cut off in time.

The breakage protection device should be sensitive and effective, and the thickness of the aluminum foil blank should be uniform, and it is not allowed to suddenly thicken a lot to avoid the phenomenon of plugging. In operation, the mill speed should be appropriately reduced at the end of the roll. Improve the operation level, reduce the broken belt, and timely clean the crushed aluminum sheet in the rolling mill body and the oil collecting pan.

The rolling mill body and the pipeline oil tank should be well grounded. Reasonable selection of base oils and additives. In addition to good lubricity, cooling, fluidity, annealing properties, stability and no unpleasant odor, high-speed aluminum foil rolling oil is also used between base oil and additives, and between two or more additives. Have good mutual compatibility and not easy to deteriorate. The production of “sludge” in the aluminum foil rolling process is mainly due to the poor mutual compatibility between the base oil and additives or additives and additives. Choosing reasonable base oils and additives is of great significance to improve the quality of aluminum foil and prevent fire accidents caused by “sludge”. If the "sludge" is produced, the unreasonable additive or base oil should be replaced in time, and an appropriate amount of antistatic agent can be added to the rolling oil.

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