Application areas of metallized film


For more than 48 years, the Dunmore cable insulation ma […]

For more than 48 years, the Dunmore cable insulation material brand has stood for quality in coated, laminated, and metallized films. Dunmore's advanced technology toolbox and film expertise has enabled partners to bring new, innovative, value added flexible packaging products to market. flexible packaging film portfolio includes roll stock foil laminates, multi-layer laminates, label face stock, barrier film, and lidding film. Dunmore serves manufacturers in the following end use markets provides metallized films for the packaging industry through its vacuum metallized deposition manufacturing process.

Metallizing packaging films is an effective way to create an oxygen and moisture barrier, UV ray absorber, and UV ray reflector. In addition to the functional properties, metallized packaging film increases the shelf appeal of the products. Metallized and printable packaging film gives products outstanding eye appeal on a crowded shelf. Dunmore also has striped metallizing capabilities, which gives greater visibility to the product and creates greater shelf appeal.Most metallized packaging film manufacturers are only capable of depositing a limited range of aluminum onto a film substrate.

Dunmore prides itself in being able to deposit a wide range of aluminum from  optical density onto film used in packaging. Dunmore's metallizing capabilities provides greater control over levels of oxygen, moisture, and UV light in the end product. has over 48 years experience coating a wide range of chemistries to films and foils. Dunmore has experience with aqueous and solvent based chemistries, and uses the gravure and slot die method to coat films and foils flexible film packaging.

Customers turn to Dunmore when they are looking to develop new packaging film products that involve new chemistry and film constructions.Dunmore's in-house development and R&D team has produced unique chemistries and coatings based on the specific customer needs. In addition to proprietary chemistry development, Dunmore has worked with customer owned chemistries. When a customer has developed their own chemistries, they rely on Dunmore's expertise in coating the films and foils.Dunmore has experience with coatings and chemistries to produce the following types of flexible packaging film.