Cable too twisted


     Too twisted refers to the process of stranding, ov […]

     Too twisted refers to the process of stranding, over twisted twist was the phenomenon.
     Reason: First, the stranding of the traction wheel on the number of laps is not enough, usually less than 4 laps, friction is too small and slippery, causing excessive torsion. Second, take-up tension or take the reel does not turn, while the swivel is still spinning, resulting in excessive twisting.
Remedy: If the outer single strand has been severely deformed, serious damage, no repair has been possible, only cut. If the single wire is not severely damaged, separate the swivel part of the equipment from the towing part, turn it in the opposite direction of twisting, return the partially twisted part, rehabilitate the core by hand and rewound the excess single wire to Close the reel, the device and the swivel traction one, the loose over-pressure line mode, the pressure line, and the other manually repair the mold, so you can reboot the production.