Comprehensive evaluation of heat-sealed metallized film market


Over the years, it has been seen that flexible Metalize […]

Over the years, it has been seen that flexible Metalized film packaging has shortcoming of permeability where at some level they permit moisture or gasses to penetrate through the packaging. To overcome this problem, packaging companies have turned up towards metalized barrier films to avoid interference of external environment from manipulating the interior atmosphere of packaging. 

Heat seal metalized films are usually designed with co-extrusion process and the outer layer of the film is coated with metal coatings such as aluminum, whereas the inner web is made of multi-layer laminate.Heat seal metalized films are specially designed to serve packaging applications that require high seal strengths. The heat seal metalized films form a very good barrier solution for general factors such as moisture, gasses, external heat.

Hence, with low oxygen and air transmission rate, heat seal metalized films are ideal to preserve food products for the longer period of time. Also, heat seal metalized films have also emerged as a cost-effective alternative packaging solution for aluminum foil packaging.Examples of some of the key players in the heat seal metalized film market across the globe are Sysco Industries Limited, Jindal Poly Films Limited, Dunmore Corporation.

Thai Film Industries Public Company Limited, Yi Feng Packaging Material Limited, Rainbow Plastics Industries, and many more.The established market players that currently manufacture regular as well as heat seal metalized films are out to design & innovate to launch new products in collaboration with local/regional players in order to expand its market presence and gain significant market share.