Decide whether to use the dish washer


Hats are becoming one of the fashion elements in daily […]

Hats are becoming one of the fashion elements in daily life. It has becomg a new accessory for various kinds of people including men and women, the young and the old. In order to be more smart in appearance, we should take care of our hats. According to me, there are some steps below we can follow. 1. Preparation - Check the type of material of each product. Washing method is different for each type of material and shape. - Find out whether hand wash or machine wash is required.

Hand washing is recommended. - When hand washing, decide whether to brush, wax, rub, or use sticky tape. - When machine washing, decide whether to use the dish washer, machine washer, or dry cleaner. - Some materials are non-washable. 2. Washing - Hand washing can be done with cloth, brush, spray, wax, or sticky tape. Hand scrubbing is not recommended, because of wrinkles. - Machine washing should be done for material that does not affect its shape, wrinkle, size, or color.

Dish washing works is fit for most hats. Use shape holder if available. - Dry cleaning is only recommended for materials that are dry clean safe. - For better results, pre-spray the spot with a spot remover before washing. - It’s good to use warm or cold water when washing. Hot water is not recommended and will shrink the hat. - In order to remove wrinkles, steam spaying will work for general materials like cotton, polyester.

Drying - Choose drying method according to the material type or shape of the hat. Make sure to check the material and take precautions. - Natural drying, like hanging, is recommended for any material. Lay the hat flat under shade and avoid direct sunlight. - When machine drying, use mild or low heat cycle to avoid damages. - If available, use a shape- holder when naturally drying. 4. Storing - Hat will last longer and look better when stored uncrushed and unwrinkled. - Place the hat in a hat box (vinyl covered) and store in a cool and dry place. Use shape holder if available. - Do not place the hat under the sun. The author is affiliated  which is the prominent -Manolo Blahnik Sandals for cheap dealer. Check out the above link to find out more.

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