How is the metallized film made


The metallized film is characterized by anti-seepage. I […]

The metallized film is characterized by anti-seepage. In this process, the metallized film is placed in a vacuum chamber. Under high vacuum, an aluminum wire is placed in the furnace evaporator and heated to a temperature of 1700 ° C. Evaporation, so that aluminum deposits a very thin layer on the film, usually 400~50nm. The heating method is resistance heating or heating with an electric bar, and the thickness of the metal coating is usually expressed by the amount of light transmission, optical density or electric resistance.

The coating speed can reach 500m/min. To adjust the film tension and cool it, the film passes through several rollers. When the aluminum is completely accumulated, it is wound onto the take-up roller. The thickness of the aluminum layer depends on the metal temperature, the transport speed of the film, the number of heated aluminum disks, and a roll of film coating of an average size, which is about 30 minutes, and the width of the film ranges from 0.6 to 2.1 m.

The vacuum metallized film not only has the same mechanical properties as the substrate, but also has the same barrier properties as aluminum foil. Moreover, the film has a good softness and avoids the problem of flex cracking of the aluminum foil. In fact, when the curved metal film is compared with the laminated film, the metallized film has much higher barrier properties than the latter.Commonly used metallized film substrates are biaxially stretched nylon, PET and PP.

Films such as LPPE, PC, cellophane (cellophane) can also be used for metallization, but they are rarely used. Metallized paper, poor impermeability, commonly used as decorative materials. Metallized films can also be used as packaging materials for their gorgeous appearance, but people pay more attention to their barrier properties. The disadvantage of the metallized film is its opacity, which now has a metallization process for coating in a certain area, thus producing a metallized film with transparent stripes. In addition, some metal can be formed in other shapes by removing some metal during the printing operation.

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