How to check the broken position of the cable broken core


As an cable insulation material important transmission […]

As an cable insulation material important transmission tool for the convenience of our lives, wire and cable is important for its core, and we can transmit information through the core of the cable. If the cable is broken, it will bring a lot of trouble and danger. So, how do we detect broken wires and cables? Some people may say "take a multimeter". Although this method is very practical, it is not suitable for all cable processes, because if the cable core is a large project, the multimeter alone is not enough, or other inspection methods are needed.


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So how do we find the broken core of the cable? Some cable manufacturers usually use the method of capacitance comparison to find the approximate location of the disconnection, that is, use the continuous power supply method to accurately determine the disconnection point of the cable. The efficiency of this method is very low. Generally, it takes about one and a half hours to find a disconnection point. In addition, this method is almost impossible to find for the flame retardant cable whose shielding, armoring, and sheathing processes have been completed.


Broken core, and if the operation is not good, the flame retardant cable will be scrapped. This method is used for the broken core of the cable core, which requires that the cable core has no cladding metal layer and no cladding. When searching, first use capacitors to find the approximate location of the cable break, and then use the induced voltage method to accurately find the break point.


This method is very simple and fast, and it is also a method currently used more frequently.The so-called induced voltage method is to connect an AC voltage of 650V to one end of the broken core of the cable, and ground the other end and other cores, and then use an induction pen that can send an optical signal to test. When the sensor pen slides over the broken core during the test, the signal will change, so that the cable break point can be accurately found.