How to choose aluminum foil for household use


Due to the rise of the domestic aluminum foil industry […]

Due to the rise of the domestic aluminum foil industry in the domestic market, no unified industry norms and standards have been formed. In the market, there is a mixture of fish and dragons, and some manufacturers and wholesalers are trying to make profits, shoddy, paper-based foils, short-cuts, and cut corners. Therefore, consumers should not be confused by the appearance or weight when purchasing aluminum foil paper.

Please refer to the following method to purchase and look at the shape: the formal manufacturer's packaging is generally professionally designed, with registered trademark, factory name, contact telephone number and Precautions and methods of use, etc., and indicate the length or weight, the packaging is more beautiful and generous. Inferior products do not have these elements. Look at the internal quality: the products of the regular manufacturers can open the view of the internal quality, the following points should be noted when opening the box: see the color: high-quality aluminum foil glossy as mirror, reverse fog Shaped but silvery.

The surface of inferior aluminum foil is dim. Look at the deterioration or not: open the seal and pull out 30cm or more to see if there is oxidative deterioration. After the metamorphic aluminum foil is oxidized, white-green alumina will be formed. Because the surface of the front ring is not able to distinguish the deterioration or not, the inner core: the regular product is not Will do paper articles, but design products from the perspective of saving paper and transportation costs, the inner core tube diameter is generally between  the inner core wall thickness is between 1-4mm.

And the inferior products The inner core paper tube is thick and large, and the purpose is to replace the weight of the aluminum foil with the weight of the paper tube to see if it is sufficient: the number of turns of the aluminum foil paper can basically distinguish whether it is sufficient, such as visual inspection is not sure, available electronic After weighing the pound, the weight of the inner core tube is removed to distinguish it. Look at the certificate: regular manufacturers have the relevant department's testing certificate and product quality certification, and the general three no products can not provide, the more effective way to check the authenticity of the certificate is online inquiry.

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