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Material handling equipment relates to movement of raw […]

Material handling equipment relates to movement of raw materials, semi-finished or final products; for the purpose of storage, manufacturing process and distribution.   Different material handling equipments are used for different purposes.  Machines for storage purposes are typically semi or non-automated. Equipments like shelving and carts are used for material handing for this purpose. Such carts are available in various sizes and capacities. Depending upon the volume of product that needs to be moved, cart can be chosen.   Generally for product assembly purposes like in car and air-conditioner assembly units; engineered systems are used.

Engineered material handling systems include conveyors, handling robots and others. Unlike material handling equipments for storing; engineered systems are completely automated. Pick modules and sortation systems are also used in the same segment.   For handling edible products sanitary conditions of material handling machined must be checked with scrutiny. Consideration should be given to the make of the material handling machine used for such purposes. The construction should be such that it facilitates thorough cleaning of the machine. This should be done to ensure that no adulteration is caused to the product during the handling process. Strict vigilance is required while handling edible products in order to maintain optimal standards.   

One of the most known and perhaps the oldest amongst material handling machines is the industrial truck. Typically operated via considerable human intervention industrial trucks are cost effective as the services of transporting materials can be outsourced at a meagre cost. Form long iron and steel rods to oil and petroleum, usage of industrial trucks is versatile.   To suit the needs of divergent industries; industrial trucks underwent a transformation. To transport products that are prone to easy spoilage, like dairy and poultry products, completely air conditioned industrial trucks have come up in the market space.   Fork lift trucks makes loading of the materials simpler with fewer hassles.

They are very common in big size manufacturing units. Tow tractors are used for picking up heavy weight materials.   Bulk material handling like moving bulk materials such as water, ores and cereals bulk material handling equipments are used. Irrespective of the purpose that is either storage or distribution; bulk material handling equipments are used for moving products in huge quality. It is often used on farms, mines, shipyards and refineries.   Dealers of material handling equipments can be searched in the domestic market or can be contacted over the internet via business to business (B2B) portals.

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