Metallized barrier film packaging industry analysis


All forms of flexible packaging has a drawback of perme […]

All forms of flexible packaging has a drawback of permeability wherein at some level they allow oxygen or gasses to penetrate through the packaging. To overcome this drawback, packaging manufacturers innovated high barrier coatings to prevent the external environment from influencing the internal atmosphere of packaging. These high barrier coatings are commonly made of metal or combination of metal and plastic to achieve barrier properties for specific or general factors such as moisture, gasses, UV rays, heat, etc.

The combination of coating is applied to various form of packaging such as pouches, bags, films, over wraps, liners Metalized barrier film provide technological advantages to the flexible packaging market as compared to rigid packaging market by making it efficient for insulating the products at lesser cost.Metalized barrier film packaging market is sustained by the flexible packaging market. Flexible packaging market is estimated to be about US$ 238 Bn and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of  over the forecast period.

The ability of the metalized barrier film from not letting the light, moisture to penetrate the packaging is driving the metalized barrier film packaging market. The use of metalized barrier film offers chemical manufacturers the ability to reduce the carbon emission as the material required by the films is lesser than the rigid packaging. Products which may get spoiled even with little moisture exposure can be stopped with the use of metalized barrier film hence metallized barrier films are efficient in raising the shelf life of the product in comparison with the other form of packaging. However, metalized barrier film is expensive than the regular films which curb out the profits of shifting to flexible packaging from rigid packaging.

The metalized barrier film are non-microwavable, which may limit the proliferation of metalized barrier film packaging market. The main property of the metalized film is its high barrier property, and the packaging industry is moving towards the non-metalized high barrier films to achieve transparent property in packaging hence hampering the metalized barrier film packaging market. The innovations in metalized barrier film to develop new glue applied film bases for labeling and achieving transparency in packaging can provide new opportunities for metalized barrier film packaging market.

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