Metallized film and its use


They present a shiny look Metalized film of that alumin […]

They present a shiny look Metalized film of that aluminum foil which is easily affordable and has less weight. Metalized films are generally used for packaging of food and decorative purposes and for other special purposes such as electronics and insulation. Metallisation is done with the help of a process of deposition of physical vapor. Mostly, aluminum was taken into use at the time of deposition but sometimes some other metals are also used such as chromium and nickel. With the help of vacuum the metal can be evaporated and heated. This condenses the freezing polymer film.

It is unwound close to the source of metal vapor. As compared to a metal foil which can be made, its coating is a lot thinner. This coating has no chances of fading after a period of time. For metalized films, PET and polypropylene are most commonly use With a similarity to aluminum foil, metalized film has a silver reflective surface too. The coating helps to reduce the permeability to water, oxygen and light. However, the features are still present in the film which includes greater toughness, the capability of being sealed with heat and a lesser amount of density at much reduced cost in comparison to aluminum foil. As compared to aluminum foil which laminates; this metalized film has quite a few advantages over it.

Many people were almost sure about the replacement of these metallized films for those aluminum foils, but still the quality of today's films cannot be matched with foils which are way better. These metalized films are also expensive as compared to those aluminum foil ones. Metallized film is used in decorating purposes which includes ribbons and wrappers. The novelty balloons which are used as gifts are filled with metallic helium and are called commercially as Mylar balloons. Despite the availability of the aluminum foil, the metalized PP and PET is able to replace it for items like snack foods, candy and coffee. In the export market of meat, the metallized polyethylene and nylon are used.

The shelf life is extended due to the balanced permeation. To help people in cooking, the metallized films are also used. The packaging of numerous food substances is done using these metallized films just for appearance. It gives an advantage of giving package much shiny appearance in comparison to those printed papers. These films are of great help to astronauts in keeping them warm and resistant to radiation. The fire fighters also use the suits made of it in order to prevent themselves from the huge amount of releasing heat from the fire. It is further used in commercial and industrial insulation. As a part of the insulation, the insulated blankets which were made up of metallized PET were used in planes. But due to some safety reasons, it was not allowed to be used later on. In the manufacturing of different types of capacitor for electronic circuits, a metallized film can be beneficial.