Metallized film laminate market


Metalized film laminates have grown as an indispensable […]

Metalized film laminates have grown as an indispensable part of the packaging industry, and over the coming decade it is likely to gain significant responsiveness of manufacturers end owing to the upsurge in demand for the packaging of products such as foods & beverages, pharmaceutical and consumer goods. Metalized film laminates are the mainly polymer resins coated with a gentle layer of metal, usually aluminum, silver and tin.

The films used of metal deposition include Oriented Polypropylene among others.Over the years, metalized film laminates have emerged as a nearest substitute of foil packaging and offers a lustrous metallic look at a reduced cost and weight. One the key reasons for popularity of metallized films are that they provide a metal like finish to paperboard or paper packaging. When metallization is done in films it improves oxygen barrier properties of the film such as up to 50x for OPP films and 10x for PET films.

Metallized films laminates are also used in manufacturing and coating of flexible as well as rigid packaging solutions.Toray Plastics (America), subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc. launched a metal-transfer film with aluminum deposited on its surface and is used in specialty printing and point-of-purchase applications. The MR20 film has good adhesion properties and sticks to paperboard and paper.  film are used to packaging of toys, alcohol, pet food, confectionary, personal care products, cosmetics among others.

Toray Plastics (America), subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc. introduced two very high-barrier films free of chlorine: transparent PA1HB polyester PET films and Lumirror MK6HB PET films that is anticipated to extend the shelf life of products. These transparent metallized films provide aroma, moisture and oxygen-barrier protection. These metallized PET films are intended for use in e-commerce industry. The MK6HB PET films and PA1HB PET films are major alternatives to PVdC-coated PET and AlOx-coated PET films.

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