The current status of tin foil paper


Tinfoil paper is a handicraft product unique to Shaoxin […]

Tinfoil paper is a handicraft product unique to Shaoxing in the early years. In ancient times, its main purpose was to make money to worship ghosts and gods. There are many other uses, such as sealing. The ancient tin foil paper is rectangular or square in shape, thin paper-like, foldable and deformable. According to records, there is Hangzhou Hang Foil in the first place, followed by Ningbo's enamel foil, and Shao Shaoxing has Shao Foil.

It has been sold in the coastal areas during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and even exported to Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Chinese. Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, the United States and other places. Since the reform, the labor force of our county has been exported, and the workers in Shaoxing are mostly engaged in foil making. In recent years, the craftsmen of our county gradually returned to their hometowns to open workshops, gradually forming a production, supply and sales. And the production quality can be comparable with Shaoxing tin foil. In the summer, if the reflective material covered with a layer of tin foil on the roof can basically solve the problem of direct sunlight of 60%.

The rest is to consider that this layer of metal reflective film itself will become very hot, and the heat will continue to be transmitted to the floor. If this reflective film is overhead, the air circulation layer of 150-200mm is kept between the film and the floor. The effect will be very good. The foil has good finish and heat reflection. With the protection of tin foil, the taste of cigarettes. It will not be stimulated by the outside world. More importantly, it will not be tainted by the humidity of the air and the environment.

The tobacco in the cigarette will not deteriorate, making them have a longer shelf life! In addition, there are factors of heat insulation and beauty. Therefore, there is a layer of platinum paper inside the cigarette box. Tinfoil paper can also be used for grilling. Wrapped in the outer layer of food, it is cooked quickly and has a strong aroma and is not easy to get cold. There is usually a layer of foil on the outside of the roast leg of the restaurant.

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