The film tape industry opens a new future in the flexible era


Flexible flexible duct tape display is one of the devel […]

Flexible flexible duct tape display is one of the development trends of future display. Film products for flexible displays including foldable displays were particularly eye-catching at the past exhibition. Many well-known film material companies exhibited related flexible display film products. With the continuous extension of downstream applications, the demand for films is still growing. At the 2018 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, many exhibiting film companies expressed their optimism about the future of film in display, new energy, automotive and other fields. application. The role of tape in the display field is unquestionable, especially as the display is developing in the direction of narrower bezels and flexibility, such as high-precision packaging, isolation of water and oxygen has become a key issue.


Metalized PET Film

At this exhibition, tape manufacturers including Fuyin, Jinlibao, PPI, Kehongjian, Crown, and Niigao exhibited comprehensive tape solutions for OLED and LCD displays, including flexible AMOLED backplane fixing tape, etc. product.The Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, which will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on November 21-23, 2019, will continue to gather high-quality domestic and foreign manufacturers, focusing on high-performance films, protective films, optical films, release films, adhesive tapes, and raw materials. Solutions in cutting-edge technology fields such as electro-optical display, touch control, consumer electronics, packaging and printing, new energy, medical electronics, automobiles, aerospace, etc., including chemical, manufacturing equipment, instruments and accessories, and will continue to launch South China International Coating and The die-cutting processing technology exhibition focuses on coating and die-cutting technology applications.


The rapid rise of the die-cutting coating machinery automation market in recent years has also injected new vitality into the material production automation market. In recent years, with the rapid development of the power battery and coated diaphragm markets, the coating machine market has achieved rapid growth in shipments. At the same time, the proportion of coating machines with higher precision, faster speed and more stability will increase. Coating machine is a major key equipment in the lithium battery industry, and the coating process is one of the key processes affecting battery performance. With the development of various industrial chains and the increasing demand for power batteries, many new demands have been placed on equipment and processes.


As one of the important themes of Die-cutting Coating Technology Day, the organizer will also launch a lithium battery film material technology application summit at the same time.Currently, Feixinda, Xinghongfei, Touareg, Aerospace Huayang, Shaanxi Beiren, Taiyang Electromechanical, Xinwang, Hongtai, Shunyi Machinery, Zhongrong Feiteng, Tongmeng Machinery, Greattech, Tide Machinery, Jiewei Exhibitors such as, Weigel, Haoneng, Dihua Machinery, and Edwans have confirmed their participation and will continue to exhibit intelligent coating and die-cutting automation equipment, so that exhibitors and professional visitors can fully appreciate the coating and die-cutting industry The group has strong intellectual manufacturing capabilities, and timely shares new technologies and new ideas that represent the industry's high standards.