The market for low temperature insulating film has gained momentum


In today’s world the use of cryogenics and low-temperat […]

In today’s world the use of cryogenics and low-temperature refrigeration is taking a more and more significant role. Cryogenic insulation films are used from food industry, transportation, medical applications, energy to the space shuttle. To minimize the heat leaks in the storage tanks, containers and transfer lines cryogenic insulation films are used.

Cryogenic are available using polyamide base films and other materials suitable for specific purposes. Cryogenic insulation films are either single side  metallized or double side metallized  to meet the low emissivity requirements to block the radiant energy. Cryogenic insulation films are basically used in the multilayer cryogenic insulation systems. The multilayer cryogenic insulation systems are made of double aluminized Mylar, polyethylene terephthalate film.

The aluminum is vacuum deposited on the cryogenic insulation films and has an average emissivity of 0.03. Most multilayer insulation systems consist of thin reflective layers such as aluminized Mylar of cryogenic insulation films separated from each other by thermally insulating layers.

Multilayer insulation designs omit the separate insulating layers, aluminize only one side of the Mylar and fold the Mylar so that only point contacts exist between the layers. The demand for cryogenic insulation in the chemical industries is the key factor driving the global cryogenic insulation films market during the forecast period. The transporting lines of liquids and gases that require thermal insulation, cryogenic insulation films are an ideal choice.

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