There are several types of wire and cable according to insulation materials


As a conductive carrier, copper cable insulation materi […]

As a conductive carrier, copper cable insulation material wire is one of the indispensable components of wire and cable. Among them, copper wire made of electrolytic copper as a raw material and continuous casting and rolling process is called "low-oxygen copper wire". The resulting copper wire is called "oxygen-free copper wire". Like copper wire as a conductive carrier, aluminum wire is also one of the indispensable raw materials in the production of wire and cable.

 Metalized PET Film

Among them, the aluminum wire used for wire needs to be annealed and softened, while the aluminum wire used for cable is generally No softening is required. PVC plastic particles are based on polyvinyl chloride resin and mixed with various additives such as antioxidants, brighteners, flame retardants, anti-aging agents, etc. It is one of the necessary raw materials for wires and cables and has superior mechanics Performance, chemical resistance, good weather resistance, good insulation performance, easy processing and so on.


PE plastic particles are polymerized by refined ethylene, which can be divided into low-density polyethylene, medium-density polyethylene, and high-density polyethylene according to density. It is also one of the necessary raw materials for wire and cable production. It has excellent insulation resistance, voltage strength, wear resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance and water resistance.


A kind of silane crosslinking agent is called silane crosslinking material, which is mainly used to make the insulating layer of low-voltage wires and cables. Insulating layer. The insulating material of the aerial cable is special and requires excellent weather resistance, mechanical and physical properties, and necessary electrical and gas properties. Both black PVC and black polyethylene can be used, but the most used is black cross-linked polyethylene. The purpose of using black material is to effectively resist ultraviolet aging.