Typically used as telephonelandline cable


These days when you talk connectivity, it’s wireless th […]

These days when you talk connectivity, it’s wireless this and wireless that but those who know where the party’s at stick to old-school Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables  are the darling of gamers and professionals alike and are more suited for uninterrupted streaming of media and whatnot, given that the connection is more consistent and stable.

There’s a variety of Ethernet cable types out there all the way to up  and above. To let the cat out of the bag, Cat actually stands for Category and the higher the digit, the better it gets less interference, higher bandwidth speeds,  with each new generation.Anything below Cat5 is pretty much obsolete but they still have their uses.

For instance, the very first Cat1 was typically used as telephonelandline cable to provide voice communication. Later generations of these Ethernet cables were repurposed to carry data once the bandwidth speeds increased past a certain threshold.

As such, the Cat5e cable has become the defacto Ethernet cable of choice with good reason although it has now been superseded by and Cat8. Let’s take you through the ranks Another thing of note is that Cat6 cables are more tightly wound than Cat5e and sport thicker shielding to mitigate issues with Near End Crosstalk  and Alien Crosstalk  On the downside, this thickness makes it cumbersome to bend around corners and the thick wires are more difficult to terminate. Also, Cat6 is a little more expensive than.

cable insulation material