What are the plastic insulation materials


PVC is widely flexible duct tape used in low-voltage ca […]

PVC is widely flexible duct tape used in low-voltage cables because of its convenient technology, good comprehensive mechanical and electrical properties, flame retardancy, and low cost; PE is often used in weak current lines due to its superior electrical properties, moisture resistance, cold resistance, and moderate mechanical properties. The insulation of the cable and the jacket of the cable are attached outdoors, and XLPE is widely used for medium and high voltage cable insulation due to its excellent electrical and mechanical properties; PP is usually used for communication due to its superior electrical properties, good high temperature resistance and oil resistance.


MPET Laminated LDPE

The insulation of cables and oil well cables is also used in the telephone and computer flexible cord wire and cable industries. There are several types of polyolefins and cross-linked XLPE, which are currently widely used in the wire and cable industry. The current application and development trends of polyolefins in the industry are mainly concentrated in the following aspects. The flame retardant performance is an important indicator of cable materials. At present, the flame retardant cables are mostly used in halogen series and phosphorus series flame retardants. Halogen flame retardants, especially bromine, release toxic fumes when they burn, which can easily suffocate people and affect fire fighting.


Halogen-free and low-smoke flame-retardant cable material is a fast-growing variety of thermoplastic materials required by the standard has been more and more widely used. With the increasing demand for cables used in oil platforms, nuclear power plants, ships, and other harsh environments, the application range of cross-linked halogen-free low-smoke cable materials will increase. Although the halogen-free low-smoke cable material that meets the IEC standard and MIL standard indicators has obvious advantages, the high price makes the user hesitate when choosing to meet the needs of different occasions.


It is based on the further modification of the substrate, diluting the polyolefin as the main filler, thereby reducing the heat released by unit combustion, to ensure a certain flame retardancy, and its good processability and heat resistance are also The advantages of low-cost varieties. Now Nordic Chemical and Japan have successively launched their low-cost varieties for use in ordinary wiring. Domestic development in this area is also in progress. With the popularization and application of the trace resistance cable material, it gradually attracted everyone's attention. In fact, 10kV and above aerial cables have requirements for tracking resistance in order to prevent corona in wet conditions. Because the insulation material itself has certain tracking resistance, it can basically guarantee the requirements for tracking resistance of overhead cables.

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