What is the role of shielding layer for wire and cable


The outermost layer cable insulation material of the wi […]

The outermost layer cable insulation material of the wire and cable is generally rubber or rubber synthetic sleeve. The effect of this layer is insulation, which also serves to maintain the cable from damage.Cables are divided into high-voltage and low-voltage cables. If it is high-voltage, there will be a layer of resin-like filler inside. This is an insulation effect.


Non-bonded Aluminum Mylar Tape

In high-voltage cables, this layer is the most important part of insulation. There is no such thing at low voltage. Then there will be some similar things with similar ribbons inside. This is to fix each core of the cable and fill the empty space in the center.As for the shielding layer, there are two situations.


The effects of the shielding layer of the power cable are. Because the current passing through the power cable is relatively large, a magnetic field will occur around the current. In order not to affect other components, a shielding layer can shield this electromagnetic field in the cable.


It can play a certain grounding maintenance effect. If the cable core is damaged, the leakage current can flow along the shielding layer like a grounding grid, which plays a safe maintenance effect.If it is a control cable, there is no difference, but in many places, especially the control cable of the computer system, the shielding layer here is used to shield external influences. Because its own current is very weak, it is very afraid of the influence of external electromagnetic fields.