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  • The quality standard of aluminum polyester tape aluminum polyester tape described in this standard is mainly used in the instrumentation and telephone and control cables or coaxial cable,data cables as individual or collective screen (shield). Tapes should be compatible with Copper, XLPE and PVC Tap...

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  • aluminum pet foil

    aluminum pet foil

      Dongxing aluminum pet foil ,copper pet foil ,pet film whose surface is always very smooth, no bubbles, no wrinkle, not warped edge, high tensile strength, no joint, fully guarantee the continuous shielding performance. In reasonable price Dongxing is aluminum air duct, coaxial cable, network ...

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  • aluminum pet material

    aluminum pet material

    May is a beautiful month, in the past month, Hangzhou Dongxing produced aluminum polyester tape, copper PET tape, PET film achieved a good sales performance. These materials have been perfectly used in the communication cable, coaxial cable, data cable, and optical cable, which improves the signal s...

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  • aluminum polyester tape  cable tape

    aluminum polyester tape cable tape

    Exciting moment: The Korean cable factory, which has been worked friendly with us for 8 years, was orders to us this month. The single-sided aluminum polyester laminated tape(AL / PET) and double-sided aluminum polyester laminated tape(AL + PET + AL).They are one of the cable foil tape structures wh...

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  •  lubricated aluminum  tape

     lubricated aluminum tape

    We are excited to announce that  Hangzhou Dongxing  succesfully manufacture high quality  lubricated aluminum polyester mylar tape .  The Lubricated aluminum mylar tape is a kind of with silicone oil covered on aluminum when laminated .It can ensure the smooth passage of aluminum tape through the ca...

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  • a batch of aluminum polyester to italy

    a batch of aluminum polyester to italy

    Hangzhou dongxing  long term supply  stable & high quality aluminum polyester tape ,pet mylar tape,copper pet tape for Lan  cable,coaxial cable manufacturer for 31years. Recently ,during 25days, we completed a batach of aluminum polyetser tape order with 18tons from italy . For Europe market,the...

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  • spooling aluminum polyester tape

    spooling aluminum polyester tape

    hangzhou dongxing is a old brand factory which produce aluminum polyester tape  in pad for 31 years,in 2016,we import a spooling machine from Germany to produce aluminum polyester tape spool .because by spooling packing thick aluminum polyester tape like 0.04mm  0.06mm 0.07mm, it will have longer in...

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  • Exhibition Wire Dusseldorf Germany

    Exhibition Wire Dusseldorf Germany

    Hangzhou dongxing will attend the exhibition Wire   Dusseldorf Germany to show ours Aluminum polyester tape ,PET film ,Copper PET tape ,Aluminum bonded tape  .The exhibition time from April 15 to April 19,2024 .Booth number is H 14/A22-1. Look forward to meet you. our contacts :  [email protected]...

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