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Conductive copper mylar tape is a highly durable product


Copper mylar is a metal composite tape that has been bo […]

Copper mylar is a metal composite tape that has been bonded with an adhesive to a polyester film. It can be used as an electrical shield for cables to prevent noise interference from electromagnetic fields. It also reduces signal attenuation during data transmission. This type of tape is often used in telecommunications and IT applications. It is available with both single-sided and double-sided copper foils.

Conductive copper mylar tape is a highly durable product that offers superior adhesion to a variety of substrates, including low surface energy materials. It is a great choice for demanding maintenance or repair jobs that require a wide range of temperatures and environments. This UL 510 listed tape is composed of an electrolytic grade, high tensile copper foil backing coated with a 1.4 mil electrically-conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive is aggressive, and delivers excellent adhesion and wet-out even on textured substrates. This copper tape has a paper liner to provide easy release and is suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications.

This conductive copper tape has been laminated to a clear, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film to ensure it can be used with a variety of electronic devices. This material is ideal for EMI/RFI shielding and static discharge applications, as well as printed circuit board manufacturing and repair. It is also thermally conductive, making it a good choice for masking and sealing. This EMI shielding tape has a minimum of 28lb breakage strength per inch of width, and it is ideally suited for use as an electrical insulator.

The term “mylar” is most commonly used to refer to a specific brand of polyester film that has been metallized through the process of vacuum vapor deposition. The aluminum is vaporized in a vacuum chamber and then applied to the polyester sheet. The result is a silver-colored material that is commonly known as Mylar. Mylar is an extremely versatile material that is widely used in the manufacture of electronics, medical equipment, and food packaging.

Litz wire is a type of copper cable that has been wrapped with a layer of polyester film, which is known as mylar. This type of wire is designed to provide increased dielectric strength, which can improve the performance of the overall cable. It is also less permeable to gasses, such as oxygen.


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