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Copper mylar is a flexible metal tape


Copper mylar is a flexible metal tape that's used in th […]

Copper mylar is a flexible metal tape that's used in the electronics industry for shielding, insulating, and protecting cables. This type of thin copper sheet is also widely used for art and craft projects as well as stained glass and other forms of decorative art. All copper mylar products are rolled and annealed for maximum workability, flexibility, and durability. The thin copper mylar product you choose depends on the project at hand and many factors, including the desired gauge thickness, material purity, tensile strength, color, corrosion resistance, and more.

Copper is a basic chemical element that is known for its high thermal and electoral conductivity, as well as its vibrant reddish-orange color. The manufacturing process of producing copper sheets for various applications involves melting the copper in a crucible and then forming it into rectangular shapes that are then submerged in chemicals to clean the copper, a process called pickling. The copper is then rolled through press rollers that get closer together until it reaches the desired gauge, or thickness.

Rolls of copper mylar are made from a variety of metal alloys, and All Foils is happy to help you determine which material is ideal for your application. We offer a wide selection of materials and gauges to suit your needs, from traditional rolled annealed (RA) copper foil to ultra-thin, high-temperature rolled annealed copper foil.

8 Mil Copper Tooling Foil: This heavy duty copper sheeting is.008 inches thick and may be cut with scissors, but will yield to pressure when applied. It is designed for arts and crafts projects, do it yourself and construction applications, electrical applications, and manufacturing. This copper tooling is 99.9% pure Alloy 110, annealed (dead soft and malleable), with a smooth commercial finish, and is shipped in superior packaging for maximum protection during shipment.


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