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How to judge the quality of stretch film


Judgment of the toughness of stretch film In terms PET […]

Judgment of the toughness of stretch film

In terms PET mylar of toughness, the dangerous value of the degree of tear resistance must be horizontal, that is, perpendicular to the machine operation direction, because tearing in this direction will loosen the package, even if the longitudinal tear occurs, the package can still remain firm, so The better the toughness of the stretch wrap film, the better the quality.

Judgment of self-adhesiveness of stretch film
In terms of self-adhesiveness, during the stretching and winding process and after wrapping, the packaged items can be tightened without loosening. This is an important indicator to detect its quality, and it is affected by many external factors, such as humidity and dust. And pollutants.

Judgment of stretch performance of stretch wrap film
In terms of tensile performance, it refers to the elongation capacity of the stretch film after being stressed. A good quality stretch film will have some extension after stretching, and it is within a certain range.

The transparency of stretch film can be judged
Transparency is an important indicator of winding, and it is also easy to judge. A good winding film has a smooth surface, soft color and natural transparency. However, in order to deceive consumers, some manufacturers will add a large amount of titanium dioxide to the stretch film, which has achieved the purpose of a bright and attractive stretch film. However, this kind of winding is generally thicker and brittle, and it is easy to break when pulled hard. If you encounter undefined stretch film, you can pull it, don't buy it if it is easy to break.

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