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Mylar is a clear plastic that is used for several purposes.


Mylar is a clear plastic that is used for several purpo […]

Mylar is a clear plastic that is used for several purposes. It has excellent tensile strength and is highly flexible. It is also durable and can withstand moisture, acids, and oils. This is why the US Library of Congress uses Mylar to preserve important documents. Mylar is often used in the food industry as a protective film for containers and lids. It is also found in insulating materials, musical instruments, and kites. It can also be laser cut to make stencils.

Aluminum mylar is made by melting a form of polyester resin, and then stretching it to produce a thin sheet. This process is called BoPET, which stands for biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate. The film is usually a couple microns thick, although it may be thinner for certain applications. It can be coated with gold or other metals using a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process to reduce transparency, increase reflectivity, and make it less permeable to gases.

It can be affixed to surfaces and other materials, such as wood, glass, rubber, stone, and many other types of materials. It is often bonded to surfaces in a variety of industries, including electronics and solar technology. It is also used for protective covers for sensitive equipment and as a light shield for cameras and other electronic devices.

While both mylar and foil are reflective, mylar has a matte black dark side that is effective at absorbing heat. This makes it a better choice for insulating structures than foil. In addition, mylar is less permeable to gasses than foil, which is ideal for storing foods that will need to stay fresh for a long time.

Mylar can be affixed to walls in grow rooms. It can be affixed with Velcro or tape, and is generally less expensive than other options. However, it must be carefully placed to ensure that the light does not reach areas where it is not needed. In addition, it reflects radiant heat energy, which must be taken into account when planning your grow room.

If you want to use Mylar for a light shield, it is important to choose one that is UL-approved. This ensures that the material is safe and will not interfere with your plants. You should also consider whether the light shield you are purchasing is transparent or reflective, and what its thickness is.

While mylar is a good option for light protection, it is not suitable for protecting your plants from the sun's harmful UV radiation. It reflects radiant heat energy just as effectively as foylon, so you should use proper ventilation in your grow room to prevent hotspots. It is also not recommended to use Mylar for a greenhouse because it can become very warm inside. It is also not resistant to UV degradation, so it will eventually break down and must be replaced. Fortunately, you can buy replacement mylar online for a very affordable price.


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