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PET Mylar is known as a versatile plastic sheet material for electronics


Today, PET mylar is known as a versatile plastic sheet […]

Today, PET mylar is known as a versatile plastic sheet material for electronics, food packaging, industrial specialty and graphics & print. Mylar film has balanced tensile properties, good adhesion, excellent moisture barriers and chemical resistance, and can handle temperatures from -100 to 300°F. It’s ideal for applications that require dependable heat seal and industrial performance at a cost-effective value.

It is biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, and consists of a continuous stream of gasses formed from molten plastic that is drawn under intense pressure into a sheet. The biaxial orientation allows the sheet to be flattened and stretched, making it perfect for laminating, printing, embossing, dyeing and painting.

The material is also more resistant to heat than other plastics and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is less permeable to gases and keeps food fresh longer than other types of plastic. It also resists degradation from ionizing radiation and other contaminants that can cause oxidation or change chemical composition.

PET mylar’s unique chemistry and manufacturing process makes it very stable and resistant to damage. This durability helps to prevent tears and scuff marks in production processes, while providing the flexibility to make complex curves for packaging and display. Mylar also provides a more consistent and uniform thickness than other plastics and can be used in high-speed printing and lamination equipment without losing its structural integrity or optical qualities.

It’s no wonder that the world relies on Mylar for a wide range of products, from solar filters to protective plastic coatings and shiny helium balloons. This versatile material is a must for many industries that require the highest standards of quality and reliability.

When compared to foil, Mylar is much more resilient and able to handle a wide range of temperature changes. It also offers better electrical insulating properties and can keep out odors, moisture, and chemicals. Foil, on the other hand, is prone to being pierced by sharp objects and is not as effective for storing foods and other items.

In addition to its archival properties, Mylar is ideal for use as a legal document for blueprints or engineering drawings. Prior to the widespread adoption of computer aided design (CAD), these drawings were often plotted onto boPET sheets, which were then copied or “blueprinted” to produce duplicates that could be legally filed for future reference. While this process has since been replaced with digital technology, many building departments still keep copies of plans and blueprints on file for future projects.


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