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What are the common cable shielding materials?


The cable shielding material is mainly used in the cabl […]

The cable shielding material is mainly used in the cable wrapping tape to prevent interference signals from entering the inner layer, and conductor interference while reducing the loss of the transmission signal. The non-metallic cable shielding often uses ribbon-shaped semi-conductive materials, generally based on the insulation material of the cable. In terms of performance, it is in line with semi-conductive performance.

A certain degree of mechanical strength can meet the requirements. Common ones are: semi-conductive paper, semi-conductive tape, conductive nylon tape, semi-conductive polyester tape, semi-conductive cloth tape, metalized paper, semi-conductive non-woven tape (acrylic, vinylon) , Polyester. Filling hemp, hemp rope, nylon yarn, etc.) and semi-conductive resistance hose.

Extrusion types are: semi-conductive polyvinyl chloride, semi-conductive rubber: such as natural, nitrile, styrene-butadiene, ethylene-propylene, silicone rubber and other complexes), semi-conductive polyethylene: such as cross-linkable, peelable , Easy to peel, non-peelable, cable aluminum foil Mylar has the best shielding function, and has an irreplaceable role.

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