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What are the performance characteristics of refractory mica tape


Refractory mica tape can form a dense sintered body pro […]

Refractory mica tape can form a dense sintered body protective layer on the conductor under flame conditions, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to water spray and mechanical impact. The technical scheme of the utility model is a refractory flexible duct tape comprising a mica paper layer and a reinforcing layer, and a sinterable inorganic compound layer is added on the side of the mica paper layer or the side of the reinforcing layer.

heat sealing single side 9AL/23PET/3PVC for cable

heat sealing single side 9AL/23PET/3PVC for cable

Product name:hot melting aluminum pet mylar tape
Quality:Grade A
Exhibition:Home and abroad
Product Laminating Line:Over 4 lines
District:Lin'an ,Hangzhou ,China
Brand Name:Dongxing
Type:Insulation Tape
Application:High Temperature
Tensile Strength:>20%
Supplier Feature:manufacturer


Sinterable inorganic compounds refer to additives that can form dense sintered bodies together with mica paper under flame conditions, and contain metal compounds, especially metal oxygen-containing compounds such as metal oxides, metal hydroxides, silicates, and borates. The dense sintered body has the same good insulating properties, hardness and waterproof properties as ceramics, so it can resist water drenching and mechanical impact, and can prevent the carbonized organic matter from entering the refractory mica tape and conductor.

Because ordinary dense sintered bodies are mainly obtained by calcining various oxides such as silica and metal oxides at high temperature, and mica, glass fiber cloth, and binders often contain silica, so as long as magnesium oxide and aluminum hydroxide are added , boron nitride and other sinterable inorganic compounds, in the event of a fire, the refractory mica tape is heated at a high temperature, and the sinterable inorganic compounds contained in the mica paper, reinforcing materials and binders are sintered together to form a dense sintered body. Therefore, the refractory mica tape of the present invention has good properties of high temperature resistance, water drenching resistance and mechanical impact resistance.

The sinterable inorganic compound is preferably a metal oxygen-containing compound, especially magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide are more effective. In order to make the sinterable inorganic compound easily infiltrate into the refractory mica tape so as to quickly generate a dense sintered body in the event of fire, the particle size of the sinterable inorganic compound can be made below 50 μm. The sinterable inorganic compound should reach a certain amount, preferably the thickness of the sinterable inorganic compound layer is not less than 1 μm, or the amount of the sinterable inorganic compound per square meter is not less than 2g.

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