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What are the properties of aluminum alloy aluminum plastic composite ribbon cable


The aluminum alloy cable is a new type of material cabl […]

The aluminum alloy cable is a new type of material cable invented and created by using AA8000 series Aluminum mylar material as the conductor and using the special roll forming wire stranding production process and annealing treatment and other advanced technologies. The excellent aluminum alloy conductor rod is the decisive factor for the electrical and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy cable. The stable production of the aluminum alloy rod that meets the requirements mainly starts from the following links. Calculate and determine the amount of aluminum ingots, master alloys and additives to be used. After they are melted into the holding furnace, they are added in sequence for refining and stirring. At the same time, different points in the furnace are sampled and analyzed, and corresponding adjustments are made when necessary.

single side 0.025mm aluminum PET film tape Material rewinding by spool

single side 0.025mm aluminum PET film tape Material rewinding by spool

Product name:single side aluminum pet mylar tape
Originate time of factory:Year at 1992
Yearly output:Over 5000 Tons
Product Cutting Line:Over 4 lines
Brand Name:Dongxing
Type:Insulation Tape
Application:High Temperature

Due to the high temperature of the alloy after refining, it is difficult to crystallize the molten aluminum. Pay attention to adjusting the cooling water pressure at any time to keep the crystallizing wheel clean, so that the molten aluminum can be crystallized and formed smoothly. Strictly control the tensile strength and elongation of the aluminum rod during rolling to facilitate the follow-up. Compression for drawing and stranding processes. Due to the internal stress of the aluminum rod, it must be stored for more than 48 hours before it can be used. The aluminum alloy cable has been developed and used in the United States for 43 years since 1968. This product has been widely used, and the market share in North America has reached 80%. After 43 years of practice, the use of aluminum alloy cables has never failed and is safe.

Aluminum alloy cables have passed the testing and certification of UL in the United States, CUL in Canada, SAI GLOBAI in Australia, and the testing and certification of China National Cable and Wire Testing Center, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of State Grid, and National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Aluminum alloy conductors meet the requirements of CSA standard C22.238 for ACM alloy wires, the performance requirements of GB12706.1--2008 and the new edition of IEC60502.1, and UL's related standards for the AA8000 series. The addition of rare earth and iron to the aluminum alloy conductor greatly improves its electrical conductivity and connection performance. Especially when the conductor is annealed, the addition of iron produces high-strength creep resistance. When the current is overloaded, the iron plays a continuous role.

The connection effect prevents the aluminum alloy conductor from creeping. Creep is extremely harmful to the cable. If the cable creeps, the contact point is not pressed tightly enough, and the reduction of the pressure causes the contact resistance to increase rapidly. After the current flows, the joints are overheated. If the maintenance is not scheduled, there will be potential safety hazards. . It is very important to solve the problem of cable creep. Creep: under the action of temperature, external force and self-weight, metal will slowly produce irreversible permanent deformation over time, this phenomenon is creep. The insulation material of the aluminum alloy cable adopts flame-retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), and the process adopts a self-locking armor structure. The heat dissipation performance is far better than that of the PVC material sheath. , it will not extend other materials, and the flame retardant performance is extremely excellent. The aluminum alloy cable adopts new materials and new processes to ensure its safer use.

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