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What are the specific requirements for cable filling rope equipment


No matter what kind of copper mylar rope is used, if so […]

No matter what kind of copper mylar rope is used, if some links are not paid much attention in the specific operation, it will lead to the decline of its performance, so it is very beneficial to pay attention to these problems for our reasonable use, then the actual operation Which aspects should be paid attention to, the following is a detailed introduction:


free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:DX201010-20
Material:AL & PET
Rated Voltage:10kv
Product name:foil free edge aluminum mylar
Quality:Grade A
Exhibition:Home and abroad
Product Laminating Line:Over 4 lines
District:Lin'an ,Hangzhou ,China


1. Avoid long-term use, especially if the cable filling rope is used under a heavy load, it is easy to cause aging, and due to the long use time, its internal temperature will rise, and it will also insulate it. The performance has declined, so it is very likely to greatly reduce the quality of the project, which is not conducive to its great effect.

2. It may be affected by electrical aspects, mainly including the leakage of the cable head because the construction does not meet the design requirements, and it is easy to cause water vapor to enter the cable, which will directly cause the insulation of the cable filling rope. deterioration. At the same time, because no effective preventive measures are taken when erecting the cable, the protective layer will be damaged, which can also lead to the deterioration of its insulation performance.

3. Another aspect is the influence of civil works, which is mainly due to the accumulation of a large amount of water in the construction ditch and the poor drainage system, which causes the cable to be immersed in water for a long time, which also has a lot of influence on its insulation, or is underground. There is too little space, resulting in the cable not meeting the bending requirements, unreasonable operation for a long time, and some may even be affected by the urban construction project, and it will be cut off. These are all likely to cause human damage to the cable filling rope, so try to avoid similar situations in specific use.

Specific Requirements for Cable Filling Rope Equipment

1. Starting from the development of plastic products, we provide plastic machinery users with a full range of services such as products, process formulations, equipment and after-sales services.

2. According to the user's requirements, design and manufacture suitable equipment specially designed to solve the technical difficulties for the user.

3. Timely learn from the technological development of related industries, and apply all kinds of new scientific and technological achievements to the industry. Such as the scientific and technological achievements of the electronics, communication industry, automobile industry, and aerospace industry.
4. Keep up with the progress of material science and adapt new equipment to the processing of new raw materials.

5. Establish the concept that the key factor for users to succeed or fail in market competition is equipment, and strive for high-speed, high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment operation.

6. There are cases of optimization and reorganization among enterprises, but there is no large-scale alliance like that of large chemical enterprises. Because foreign specialized cooperation is very mature, the scale of plastic machinery production enterprises will not be too large.

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