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What are the specifications of electrical insulating tape?


Types of electrical insulation tape 1. Insulating black […]

Types of electrical insulation tape

1. Insulating black tape. Insulating black tape is a kind of electrical insulating tape used in the past, but the quality of this kind of insulating black tape is relatively poor. It has only insulation function, but no flame retardant and no waterproof function. Now basically this kind of tape is not used, only some This kind of tape is used in the electrical application of civil buildings.

2. PVC electrical flame retardant tape. PVC electrical flame-retardant tape is relatively common now, and it has three functions: waterproof, flame-retardant, and insulation. Although PVC electrical flame-retardant tape has a good use function, the main material of pvc electrical flame-retardant tape is PVC material, so it has poor ductility. When making joints, it cannot be very tight and waterproof. Not ideal, but compared to insulating black tape, PVC electrical flame retardant tape is still widely used.

3. High-pressure self-adhesive tape. The ductility of high-voltage self-adhesive tape is very good, and the waterproof and insulating properties are much better than the above two, which are generally used in higher voltage. Nowadays, some people use high-pressure self-adhesive tape in the low-voltage field, but because the strength of high-pressure self-adhesive tape itself is actually not as good as PVC electrical flame-retardant tape, high-pressure self-adhesive tape is often used in conjunction with PVC tape. .

Electrical insulation tape specifications

1. Electrical insulation tape is suitable for insulation wrapping of various wires, easy to wind and tear. The voltage rating of 1500 lead-free electrical insulating tape is 600V and below. The size of electrical insulating tape is 18mm×10m×0.13mm. Generally, the color of this electrical insulating tape is black, and the dielectric strength of electrical insulating tape is 39.37KV/mm (1000v/mil).

2. The specification of 1600 lead-free electrical insulation tape (width×length×thickness) is 18mm×20m×0.15mm, and the applicable temperature class is 80°C (176°F). Usually, the color of this kind of electrical insulation tape is black, which is electrically insulated. The thickness of the tape is 6mils, the dielectric strength of the electrical insulating tape>39.37kv/mm (1000v/mil), the insulation resistance>10^12 ohm, and the voltage level is below 600V.

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