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What is aluminum roof insulation foil like


The Aluminum mylar foil are usually used for making cab […]

The Aluminum mylar foil are usually used for making cable wrapping film and aluminum foil laminated bag punch. The aluminium foil layer offered by Haomei Aluminum have clean surface, less pinhole and good barrier performance. The cable foil is 1060 aluminium foil, the outer surface of the communication cable needs to be wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil for protection and shielding, the aluminium foil layer is used as a shield for cables. The cable aluminium foil requires less oil on the surface, no holes, and high mechanical properties.Cover the surface of the aluminum foil with plastic film, cut into several small strips and supply them to the cable factory in a reel shape.

Because this composite aluminum foil has the advantages of light weight, good protection and shielding effect, etc. If the mechanical properties of the cable aluminium mylar foil are not qualified, the performance of the aluminum foil cannot be correctly reflected. It often happens that the performance indicators reviewed by the customer are very different from those detected by the manufacturer. According to the national standard, the aluminum foil sample is in the shape of a long strip, 15mm wide, and the gauge length is 100mm. The two sides must be parallel. When cutting with a paper cutter, there should be no pause, and there should be no gaps and burrs. The specimen clamping should be vertical to prevent premature rupture due to stress concentration.

The aluminum roof insulation foil is used as the roof, which is moisture-proof and heat-insulating, environmentally friendly and economical, and has strong compressive capacity. The aluminum foil for roof insulation can be installed on cement roof, glass skylight roof, color steel tile roof, sun room roof, etc. These roof insulation material can block more than 90% of the thermal energy of the building from the outside world, protect the roof, and resist the sudden increase and sudden drop in temperature.The aluminum roof insulation coil is made of aluminum roof insulation foil, polyethylene, fiber, and metal coating film by hot melt adhesive. It has a very good thermal insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof effect.

This type of roof insulation material has a very low solar absorption rate and can reflect nearly 92% of the radiant heat. And because of the characteristics of its coil, the construction is very simple. This product is combined with the characteristics of light reflection and heat resistance of the aluminium foil for insulation material on the outer layer and the insulation and heat insulation of the polyethylene material, which plays the role of heat reflection, heat insulation, anti-radiation, heat preservation and energy saving. This insulation film is lightweight and easy to install. Application: roof, wall, floor; shell of air conditioner, water heater, high temperature furnace; protective outer layer of water pipe and ventilation pipe.

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