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What is the best choice for anti-static PET protective film


Now FPC board is in small but rapid development. The po […]

Now FPC board is in small but rapid development. The polymer copper mylar thick film circuit is an efficient, low cost, flexible substrate. Selectively Printed Conductive Polymer Ink The polymer thick-film circuitry contains a wire-bound metal filler or toner filler that is very clean and uses lead-free SMT adhesive without etching.Polymer thick film circuit is the price of copper polyimide film circuit 1/10; is the price of rigid circuit board 1/2 ~ 1/3.

PET film is especially suitable for the device’s control panel.In mobile phones and other portable products, PET film is suitable for PCB components, switches and lighting devices into polymer thick film circuit, saving costs and reducing energy consumption.Anti-static PET protective film used in the “flexible circuit board” on the market prospects are very broad, performance: Transparent anti-static PET protective film is relatively soft, and FPC board hardness is almost transparent and can be observed FPC surface technology requirements.

Of course, it will not produce static electricity and dust.As anti-static protective film on both sides have anti-static coating, so when separated from the FPC board does not produce static electricity, of course, will not break through the FPC board circuit chip.PET protective film not only solves the FPC board transport static electricity, but also can be bonded and transparent and not affected by air, humidity and other environmental factors.

The product can be widely used in the semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and microelectronics Equipment, electronics, telecommunications, precision instruments, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and bio-engineering industries as well as high-speed rail cars, hospitals, homes, offices, for industrial production workshop, laboratory, computer room and hospital operating room , CT, X-ray room, CCU, ICU ward floor, countertops, wall panels.

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