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How air conditioning foil tape works


Air conditioner aluminum foil tape mainly utilizes the […]

Air conditioner aluminum foil tape mainly utilizes the characteristics of low density and good thermal conductivity of aluminum foil. And the aluminum foil tape is easy to process, and it is a good material for the heat conduction fins of air conditioner heat exchangers. There is a hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioners, which has strong hydrophilicity. Once the condensed water hits the surface of the hydrophilic aluminum foil, it will quickly disperse, and there is no chance to gather together to form water droplets, preventing the condensed water from occupying the surface of the heat exchange fins and not affecting the heat dissipation.

Heat exchange efficiency of air conditioners. The requirements for thickness deviation of air-conditioning aluminum foil tapes are improved, which can improve the problems of difficult slitting and poor stamping and forming caused by uneven thickness in air-conditioning factories. Mechanical performance indicators such as elongation and cupping value are one of the most important indicators when air-conditioning aluminum foil is used for punching. Whether this indicator meets the requirements of the air-conditioning factory is mainly that the punching hole does not crack when punching. Good molding etc. are the criteria for judging.

Different stamping equipment Flexible Duct Materials in air conditioning plants has certain gaps in the mechanical properties of aluminum foil. After the surface of the air conditioner aluminum foil tape is coated with a layer of anti-corrosion protection layer, the service life of the air conditioner is improved. Not only that, because the corrosion powder on the aluminum foil heat exchanger is well suppressed, the ventilation quality in the air conditioner has also been greatly improved, and the air in the air conditioner room has also become cleaner and fresher.

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