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What are the advantages of paper backing foil for food packaging


Paper-backed foil for food packaging refers to the pape […]

Paper-backed foil for food packaging refers to the paper made of aluminum foil-backed paper and aluminum foil. The aluminum foil with parer is soft and easy to deform, like paper, it does not rebound after deformation. It can be qualitatively guaranteed to be shading, not falling, opaque, non-polluting, and cheap. Aluminum foil paper backing is used for moisture-proof and decorative packaging of high-grade cigarettes, candy and other food packaging.

Paper backing foil for food packaging is widely used, such as: aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. Relevant experts divide it into more than 20 varieties according to its application characteristics. Due to the differences in the level of economic development in different countries, there is also a large gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, aluminum foil products for packaging account for 70% of the total demand.

In the Chinese market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacturing, while packaging aluminum foil only accounts for 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is relatively late, the market is growing rapidly, and the prospect has attracted much attention. In addition to the paper backing foil used for food packaging, aluminum foil paper also plays a significant role in construction applications.

It is pasted on the Cable Shielding Materials surface of thermal insulation materials to make it more convenient, clean and beautiful in the construction process, reaching a new level. high. In the process of using the aluminum foil backing paper, you only need to wrap the ingredients in it and bake it in the oven, which is harmless to the body. There will be a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum foil, and its melting point is 2050 degrees Celsius, which should not change.

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