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How to improve the quality of stretch film


The air permeability of the stretch film is also an imp […]

The air permeability of the stretch film is also an important index to determine the quality of its products. The vapor transmission rate and vapor transmission index of stretch film are the key index values to consider the air permeability. The vapor transmission rate of the stretch film at a constant temperature determines the air permeability of the thin film. Metalized film is a type of plastic film that has been coated with a thin layer of metal, typically aluminum.


Free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:DX201010-20
Material:AL & PET
Rated Voltage:10kv
Product name:foil free edge aluminum mylar
Quality:Grade A
Exhibition:Home and abroad
Product Laminating Line:Over 4 lines
District:Lin'an ,Hangzhou ,China
Brand Name:Dongxing
Type:Insulation Tape
Application:High Temperature
Tensile Strength:>20%
Supplier Feature:manufacturer
Originate time of factory:Year at 1992
Yearly output:Over 5000 Tons
Product Cutting Line:Over 4 lines


This coating gives the film a shiny, metallic appearance and can also provide various functional properties such as reflectivity, conductivity, and barrier properties. Metalized film is used in a wide range of applications including packaging, construction, and electrical and electronic products.It is also possible to use experiments to set the high-pressure chamber and the low-pressure chamber, separate them for testing and sealing, and use a manometer to check the pressure rise of the low-pressure chamber.

To improve the self-adhesiveness of the stretch film, one is to process a film with a smooth and glossy surface; the other is to use additives to improve the adhesion, so that the surface of the film has a moist effect, thereby improving the adhesion. Stretch film stretch, the risk value of resilience level must be taken horizontally, that is, vertical to the actual operating position of the machine, because tearing in this direction will make the package loose, even if it is torn vertically, the package can still maintain sturdy.

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