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What are the advantages of using polyester tape


In terms of raw materials, polyester fiber packing belt […]

In terms of raw materials, polyester fiber packing belts are processed and produced with new materials, while plastic steel belts are produced from recycled materials and waste materials, and their tensile strength and adhesion are inferior to those of polyester fiber packing belts. Plastic-steel straps are stiffer than polyester-fiber straps, and polyester-fiber straps are softer. When the plastic steel belt is used, when the operator or customer cuts it, there will be obvious rebound and the sharp end will easily cause injury.


The plastic steel belt will be brittle after being irradiated with high intensity of ultraviolet rays for a long time, and it is impossible to determine that the belt is over-tightened. The PET mylar will be affected by the weather, it will dissolve when it exceeds 270 degrees Celsius, and it will be brittle and cracked when it is below minus 20 degrees. If used together with steel buckle, the system strength can only be about 60% of the original, and the strength of the high-frequency dissolution system is reduced to 85% of the original.

Advantages of polyester tape:
High tensile strength and stable tension
The straps are lightweight
The skeleton material of the polyester belt is a high-strength polyester fabric with a special structure. The belt body is thin and light in weight, which reduces the rotational inertia and centrifugal force of the flat belt, so that the electric energy consumed by itself is reduced and electricity consumption is saved.
good flexibility
Because the polyester belt body is soft, the wrapping between the belt body and the pulley is good, the bending stress is reduced, the energy consumption is low, the transmission efficiency is improved, and the power is relatively saved.
Fast and environmentally friendly connectors
The joint adopts tooth-type hot melt bonding, the joint is smooth, no adhesive is applied, and there is no direction limit for operation, saving installation time.
Due to its unique characteristics and its ductility and resilience after deformation, polyester fiber strapping can absorb impact energy better than steel strapping and will not change after the cargo shrinks or expands. loose. 5 tons of pulling force, and can replace traditional steel straps and other binding straps.

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