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What are the applications of different types of PET films


PET mylar protective film can be seen everywhere in our […]

PET mylar protective film can be seen everywhere in our lives, from love machine film, ipad tablet computer protective film, to large and small display screen protection, optical lens protective film, thermal transfer printing in the printing industry.PET reflective film is used in billboards with reflective requirements, traffic reflective signs (reflective road signs, reflective barriers, reflective vehicle number plates), reflective police uniforms, industrial safety signs.The characteristic of PET reflective film is that the film has excellent optical properties, smooth and smooth surface, good thermal stability, low shrinkage, and light aging resistance.

Reflective materials used in transportation facilities include lens-type retroreflective film and flat-top-type reflective film. They all use aluminum-plated PET film as a reflective layer. After coating with pressure sensitive adhesive, the refractive index is 1.9 glass Beads adhere to the PET aluminized film.In order to improve the surface properties of the PET film to improve the adaptability of printing and the bonding force of the vacuum aluminized layer, corona treatment is usually used to increase the surface tension of the film. However, the corona method has problems such as timeliness, especially at high temperature and high humidity.In the environment, the film tension after corona treatment is easily attenuated. However, the chemical coating method does not have such a problem, so it is favored by the printing industry and the aluminum plating industry.At present, a series of PET chemical coating products have been developed in China: such as coating with water-soluble polymers, can increase the surface tension of PET film; coating with acrylic emulsion can improve the adaptability of printing (water-soluble ink can be used); Using polyurethane water solution.

Coating can strengthen the bonding force between the aluminized layer and the PET base film and increase the thickness of the aluminized layer. In addition, the coating method can also be used to produce high barrier films and antistatic films.In addition to the excellent physical and mechanical properties of ordinary polyester film, the high-brightness PET film has a large market capacity, high added value and obvious economic benefits. It also has excellent optical properties, such as good transparency, low haze and high gloss. It is used for high-end vacuum aluminized products. The film is a mirror after aluminizing, which has a good packaging decoration effect; it can also be used for laser anti-counterfeiting base film.Transfer film is also called thermal transfer film. The characteristics of this transfer film are high tensile strength, good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, smooth and clean surface, good peelability, and can be used repeatedly.

It is mainly used as a carrier for vacuum aluminization, that is, after the PET film is placed in a vacuum aluminizing machine for aluminum plating, glue is applied to compound with paper, and then the PET film is peeled off, and the aluminum molecular layer is transferred to the surface of the cardboard through adhesion. The so-called aluminized cardboard is formed.Vacuum aluminum-plated cardboard is a kind of cardboard with metallic luster. This aluminum-plated cardboard is bright in color, strong in metal, and the printed products are bright and elegant. It can replace the large-area hot stamping of printed materials.Beautification played the icing on the cake. Because it adopts the method of vacuum aluminum plating, only a layer of 0.25um~0.3 is covered on the surface of the cardboard, which is a kind of advanced and novel packaging material developed in recent years. um thin, dense and bright aluminum layer, just laminating aluminum cardboard.

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