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What are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite film


In the fields of ventilation, heat preservation, aerosp […]

In the fields of ventilation, heat preservation, aerospace, large-scale power generation Aluminum mylar equipment, machinery, metallurgy and chemical industry, aluminum foil duct is a necessary installation material in ventilation and heat preservation engineering. It is composed of steel wire and aluminum foil to provide ventilation and heat preservation. effect. So, why does aluminum foil hose have such performance? This is mainly due to its substrate---aluminum-plastic composite film:

1. The aluminum foil has good insulation performance and strong protection performance. It is impermeable to air and water vapor, preventing the contents from absorbing moisture and vaporizing, and is not susceptible to bacteria and insects. In addition, it also has corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

2. Good shape stability, easy processing, softness and toughness, can be printed, color difference, embossing, surface coating, gluing and painting, which makes aluminum foil with versatility and appearance.

3. It has metallic luster, good light resistance, and high reflection ability to heat and light. The metallic luster and reflection can improve the brightness of printing colors.

It is precisely because of the above advantages that the aluminum-plastic composite film has been widely used in ventilation, heat preservation, and construction industries, which has also enabled the aluminum foil industry to develop rapidly.

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