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What are the innovative processes of high barrier metallized film


Metalized film are good quality polymer films layered w […]

Metalized film are good quality polymer films layered with a skinny layer of metal, generally aluminum. These films are given a glossy metallic appearance like that of aluminum foils but at lower weight and reduced prices. Metalized films are broadly used for food packaging and decorative purposes and also for special applications including electronics and insulation.Metalized films are best suitable for flexible holograms and lamination.

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Although, the most wide known application of the product comprises twist wraps for toffees or candies. Metallic films are produced via micro slitting process for ensuring uniform coating and consistent weight.Metallization is achieved using physical vapor deposition process. Aluminum is the main metal for deposition; however other metals like chromium or nickel are also used. Metals are heated and dissolved under vacuum. This concentrates on cold polymer films, which is unwind next to metal vapor source.

 Such coatings do not fade over time.These films are essentially impassable by oxygen and moisture. But, when the packs made with these foils are subjected to repeated handling and manipulation that are frequent with cartooning, manufacturing, consumer handling and shelf stocking in retail environment, they develop pinholes and develop permeable.These films have a shiny silvery surface like the aluminum foils. The coating provided also shrinks the ability of the films to expose to oxygen, light, and water.

The features of the film stay, such as high toughness, the capacity to preserve heat, and low density at lower cost when compared to aluminum foils. This provides metalized films numerous benefits over aluminum foil laminates and aluminum foils. It was opined that metalized films could become a substitute for aluminum foil laminate, however current films still do not match the barrier features of aluminum foils. There are certain metalized films with very high barrier properties that use EVOH, but they are not so much cost effective as foil laminates.

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