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What are the main reasons for the price and quality of stretch film


1. The retraction stress of the stretch film, also know […]

1. The retraction stress of the stretch film, also known as force retention, refers to the degree of retention after the force applied to the stretch film in the process of stretching the product;

2. The toughness of the stretch film refers to the comprehensive ability of the stretch film to resist puncture and tear. Tear resistance only refers to the degree of tear resistance of the film when it is under tension and punctured;


Aluminum foil laminated mylar

Aluminum foil laminated mylar

Co-polymer Coated Aluminum Tape
Structure :Aluminum foil, Co-polymer PE film
Colour : Nature silver
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:DX201010-13
Main Products:AL/PET foil, PET film, Meatallized film ,PVC film
Type:Insulation Tape
Application:flexible air duct & cable


3. The self-adhesiveness of the stretch film, the adhesion of the stretch film film after contact with each other, can make the packaged product firm and not loose during the process of stretching and wrapping the product. Self-adhesiveness can be affected by many external variables;

4. The tensile force of the stretch film refers to the tension that the stretch film transforms into elastic stretch after being stretched. The increase in longitudinal stretch will make the stretch film thinner and the width will be shortened. This feature allows our stretch film to better protect and package products;

5. Stretch film strength includes two aspects of stretch rate and tensile force, which refers to the maximum stretch that can be applied to maintain the characteristics of various whiskers under certain conditions of use. Tensile strength varies with different uses. The larger the stretch, the less film is used, and the lower the packaging cost.

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