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What are the application range of polyester film


Applications in the field of optical materials Polyeste […]

Applications in the field of optical materials
Polyester film is an indispensable raw and auxiliary material for LCD products. For example, the backlight substrates such as protective film, release film, reflective film, diffusion film and brightness enhancement film are all high value-added special functional polyester film products. This type of polyester film has excellent electrical insulation performance and No defects in appearance, high light transmittance, and good coating processing performance.


free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

free edge aluminum polyester tape for cable shielding

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:DX201010-20
Material:AL & PET
Rated Voltage:10kv
Product name:foil free edge aluminum mylar
Quality:Grade A
Exhibition:Home and abroad
Product Laminating Line:Over 4 lines


Applications in the field of solar energy
Polyester films with mechanical properties, heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, water vapor barrier properties, dimensional stability, tear resistance, weather resistance and good coating processing properties are being developed and utilized in the solar photovoltaic industry, such as The main material of products such as solar TPT back material.

Application in the field of construction
Architectural glass film based on polyester film can transform cheap ordinary transparent flat glass into safety and heat insulating glass with various colors and functions. Its main functions are heat insulation and energy saving, UV protection, explosion-proof and shock resistance, privacy protection, decorative light transmission, etc. This type of polyester film has the characteristics of high transparency, high cleanliness, good flatness, and good coating processing performance.

Applications in the field of IMD/IML
In-mold decoration (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML) are currently popular surface decoration technologies in the world, which can replace many traditional processes, such as thermal transfer, spraying, printing, electroplating and other appearance decoration methods. As an important substrate suitable for IMD/IML process technology, polyester film is expanding its application in this field.

Polyester film for electronics and capacitors
This kind of special functional polyester film can provide positive support for the development of electronic information materials in the direction of large size, high uniformity, high integrity, thin film, multi-function and integration. It can be used as a complete set for communication equipment, lighting equipment, power switches, household appliances, etc., and can also be made into special polymer-based composite materials. Combustion and other aspects have broad development potential. Especially the special polyester film as thin as 3.5 microns, applied to ultra-thin capacitors, has the advantages of small size, high voltage resistance, low loss, large capacity, etc. It is indispensable in the fields of automobile industry, aerospace industry, precision instruments, etc. supporting materials.

Polyester film for dry film photoresist
This type of polyester film is used for the cover film layer of dry film products of printed circuit boards (PBC), which play the role of isolating oxygen, delamination and avoiding mechanical scratches. The film has extremely strict requirements on the surface and stricter requirements on physical properties. It can prevent disasters caused by electrostatic discharge on the surface of the film, prevent dust or dust from being adsorbed on the surface of the base film, and prevent foreign matter from adhering. It stabilizes the irregularity of the pattern, stabilizes the quality, and has excellent processing characteristics such as handling and good sliding properties when winding a flat film into a roll. The annual demand for polyester film for dry film is about 50,000 tons, all of which are imported from abroad and have broad market prospects.

High temperature resistant polyester film
Generally, polyester film can only be used for a long time at 150-160°C, and now many customers require a temperature resistance of 180-200°C, good dimensional stability at high temperatures, secondary shrinkage close to zero, and excellent film properties after heating. flatness. It can be applied to high-temperature tapes and products with high post-processing temperature.

New type of polyester film for packaging
Printing and aluminum plating are one of the largest application fields of polyester film. In the future, polyester film for packaging will further develop in the direction of special functions and performance. Such as: polyester heat shrinkable film is a new heat shrinkable packaging material. Because it is easy to recycle, non-toxic, odorless, good mechanical properties, especially in line with environmental protection, it can be used in cluster packaging, sleeve labels, sealing packaging, battery labels and other fields.

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