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What are the purchasing skills of film prices


There are many kinds of films on the market, but the co […]

There are many kinds of films on the market, but the commonly used printing films are BOPP, NY, PET, PE. As far as printing is concerned, the most important thing is of course the surface treatment effect of the film and whether the NY film is damp. When printing, the process requirements for the surface tension of the film should be formulated for one film roll and one test. The corona effect is time-sensitive, if it is placed for a long time, the corona effect may drop too much to meet the printing requirements; it can also avoid the hidden trouble of printing due to accidentally reversed film surface.

single side 0.025mm aluminum PET film tape Material rewinding by spool

single side 0.025mm aluminum PET film tape Material rewinding by spool

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:DX201015-23
Material:AL & PET
Rated Voltage:10kv
Product name:single side aluminum pet mylar tape
Originate time of factory:Year at 1992
Yearly output:Over 5000 Tons
Product Cutting Line:Over 4 lines
Brand Name:Dongxing
Type:Insulation Tape
Application:High Temperature
Tensile Strength:>50%
Supplier Feature:Factory
Exhibition:Home and abroad
Product Laminating Line:Over 4 lines
District:Lin'an ,Hangzhou ,China


PE film is the object we focus on: when blowing film, some film rolls may miss corona treatment; excessive or uneven film thickness causes insufficient corona effect; film blowing is caused by adding too much slip agent or high cool If the proportion of sliding pellets is too large, the corona effect will be greatly reduced. When the corona effect on both sides of the 12~15um PET film is not much different, it is easy to cause the failure of the back of the printed film roll. Corona requirements for printing film: BOPP, PE≥38 dyne, PET≥50 dyne, NY≥52 dyne.

After the NY film absorbs water, it will not have a great impact on the corona effect. To judge whether the NY film absorbs water, see if the film shrinks. Cut a piece of film and put it in the oven for a few hours. , Stiffness and other phenomena, the NY film absorbs too much water. When purchasing a film, it is necessary to explain the purpose and requirements of the film to the supplier. The variety of the film is refined. Just mentioning the name of PET, NY, BOPP, the supplier may have several varieties, but not all of them are suitable.

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