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What are the types of metal film


Metalized film has a high transparency and is a polar f […]

Metalized film has a high transparency and is a polar film. The surface tension is stable above 45-50 dyn, so the aluminum layer of the MPET metalized pet film has good firmness. After aluminum plating, the brightness is higher than other aluminum plating films, and it will not be dealuminated after long-term storage if it is not damp, the storage period can be more than one year. MPET metalized pet film can be used as the base film of the surface layer or middle layer of the composite flexible packaging, which is the best middle layer aluminized material of the composite flexible packaging.

The electrical insulation performance of MPET metalized pet film is very good. After vacuum aluminum plating, it can be used as a capacitor film for rolled capacitors. Because BOPP film is divided into single-sided corona treatment film, double-sided corona treatment film and heat-sealable film, the performance and use after aluminum plating are different. Due to their poor oxygen barrier properties, they cannot Vacuum or steam packaging.Vacuum aluminized CPP film can only be used as inner film material of composite packaging, not vacuum or cooking packaging.

The storage period of CPP vacuum aluminum plating film is 3 to 6 months. The corona treatment of over-preservation will subside and the adhesion of the aluminum layer will also be weakened. Special attention should be paid to moisture resistance during storage.Vacuum aluminized CPE film can be combined with glass fiber cloth to make ordinary sunshade packaging.

The lightness and adhesion of the aluminum layer of the CPE vacuum aluminized film itself are poor, and the storage time is also short. Pay more attention to tension control when rewinding. Be careful that the film stretching causes the aluminum layer to fall off.Vacuum aluminized CPVC film can be printed on the aluminum layer, laser holographic printing or painted, and then used as candy twisted wrapping paper.In addition to the above-mentioned vacuum aluminum-plated films, it also includes vacuum aluminum-plated paper, vacuum aluminum-plated textiles, and decorative fabrics of non-woven fabrics.

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