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What are the uses of glass fiber for cables


Medium-alkali glass fiber tapes are used in a wider ran […]

Medium-alkali glass fiber tapes are used in a wider range than alkali-free glass fiber tapes. They can be suitable for making various flame-retardant cables or copper mylar wrapping cloth or fire-retardant flame-retardant layers, especially for cross-linked polyethylene. Insulated cable products, after being produced with this series of products, they can improve their flame retardant effect more effectively. This material can improve the level of flame retardant.


heat sealing single side 9AL/23PET/3PVC for cable

Coupled with the rapid development of the construction industry in the past two years, it can improve the engineering performance. In the process of construction, a large number of reinforced materials will be used, and the medium-alkali glass fiber tape is a good product. The medium-alkali fiberglass tape is made of high-temperature resistant and high-strength glass fiber filaments. Therefore, they can achieve good high temperature resistance, fire and flame retardant effects, so as a material in construction, it is an ideal type, which greatly improves the quality of the project.

Uses and features of fiberglass tapes:
1. Use of glass fiber tape: This product is made of high-temperature resistant and high-strength glass fiber, which is processed by a special process. It is mainly used for industrial heat insulation, oil pipeline coating, cable insulation coating, exhaust pipe insulation coating, bolts Flange connection, oil rig brake shoe, heat radiation, high temperature furnace door curtain and high temperature friction reinforcing material for machinery, insulation of soft and hard pipes, fireproof shell and other insulating protective layers, insulation of marine equipment, transformers, transformers, electric motors It is a reinforced insulation binding material for other electronic products. Compared with asbestos cloth, it has outstanding advantages such as no dust and no damage to the human body. It is a substitute for asbestos cloth.

2. Features of glass fiber tape: good compatibility with various resins and insulating paints, strong permeability, excellent electrical performance, thermal insulation, insulation, fire retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, appearance Smooth, high strength, low density, high temperature resistance, good insulation, good heat insulation effect, high temperature resistance reaches 500 degrees, and instantly reaches 800 degrees.

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