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How to choose high-quality aluminum-plastic composite belt


Everyone who wants to decorate the house knows that the […]

Everyone who wants to decorate the house knows that the Aluminum mylar belt is the same as the nails, screws, switches and other parts, the utilization rate is very high, and it plays a very important role in the house, so the choice is very important, otherwise follow There will be a lot of troubles. For example, it is very cold, and you want to go back to take a hot bath, but you find that the water pipe at home is leaking. Isn't it bad?


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In order to avoid these troubles, the choice of products is very important from the beginning. Today we will talk about the issues that everyone cares about. There are so many products on the market, how to choose? There are generally three reasons for the hidden danger of water pipe leakage: the high temperature resistance of the pipes connected to the solar water heater and the wall-hung boiler water heater is not good.

When taking high temperature hot water, you should choose products with good high temperature resistance, which can be used for a long time with a temperature resistance of 80 degrees. The compressive strength of the pipe is not high, which is also the reason for the rupture of the pipe. Then the aluminum-plastic pipe just solves your troubles, and the pressure-resistant 85 kg pipe will not break. There will be impurities, scale and moss in the pipe for a long time, which will cause the pipe to be blocked and the water flow will not be smooth.

When choosing a composite belt, you should pay attention to good raw materials and no moss. After solving these problems, the rest is the choice of specifications. Generally, 20 and 25 are used for home decoration. Its price is also related to its specifications. The larger the size, the higher the price. Just like the pressure in the community is not too much, you can choose 25 gauge aluminum-plastic pipes, and choose a large gauge, the water pressure cannot reach, the same is true.

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