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What is polyester PET tape?


Polyester PET tape is a high temperature resistant adhe […]

Polyester PET tape is a high temperature resistant adhesive tape with PET polyester film as the base material and a layer of silicone adhesive uniformly coated on one side of the base material. The PET tape produced by our factory has excellent temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is available in a variety of colors such as green, blue, and transparent. The PET high temperature tape is mainly used for the shielding protection of spray paint, electroplating, and other electronics. High temperature protection of parts, etc.
Polyester tape use: mainly used for covering protection of powder spraying, electroplating paint and high temperature covering protection of electronic parts/PCB circuit boards, etc.
 Types of PET polyester tape:
  1) Classified by base material: conventional polyester tape, thickened polyester tape
  2) Classified by adhesive: silicone PET tape, acrylic PET tape, rubber PET, Adhesive tape, colored polyester tape
  3) Classification according to use: PET spray masking tape, polyester insulating tape

Established in 1992, Hangzhou Dongxing Telecommunication Material Co., Ltd is located in Linglong Industry Zone, Lin'an, Hangzhou, China. It is an ISO9001:2000 certified enterprise specialized in researching and producing high-quality aluminum foil tape, Aluminium AC foil, Aluminium Fire-Resist foil, foil free edge, copper foil, tissue paper and other related telecommunication materials and household & catering aluminum foil.

We had established a mature market network, our products are well sold both domestically and overseas, and are mainly exported to America, England, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and South-east Asia. We are an appointed China supplier of Amphenol-tichel Electronics Gmbh, a world-famous Telecommunication group. Due to our reliable product quality and excellent service, we always gain favorable comments from our clients. The latest products - foil retardant which is widely used in electronic equipment and decoration of large building projects, etc., is a flame retardant, waterproof, high-energy, and other composite materials.

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