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What kind of properties does the cable filler material mica tape have


Filling material, as the name implies, is used for fill […]

Filling material, as the name implies, is used for filling, because the cable core of the cable insulation material is composed of multiple insulated cores twisted, and gaps will inevitably be formed during the cabling process. If these gaps are not filled with materials and dense, the cable core of the cable is not Steady, reduce the life of the cable during use. When the cable is sheathed, the cable sheath material will inevitably be embedded in the middle of the cable core, resulting in an increase in the cost of the cable.

The first function of the filler is to ensure the roundness of the YCW cable, To avoid the twist shape on the surface of the cable when extruding the sheath, it is to reduce the excessive use of the sheath material during the extrusion process of the cable sheath. For YCW cable fillers generally include: PP rope, hemp rope, or recycled rubber Processed and other generally cheaper materials. To be used as a cable filling material, the mesh filling rope must have the characteristics of not adversely affecting the insulating cable core, and the material itself has no hygroscopicity, is not easy to shrink, and does not corrode.

The performance of the cable flame retardant tape filled rope:
1. The cable filling rope uses various polyolefins as the main material, and adds certain plasticizers and flame retardants, and is extruded by foaming and plasticizing. It is a rare non-hygroscopic filling material for cable production.
2. The filling rope is formed and stable, and the mechanical strength is high, which can fully ensure the stable structure and round shape of the cable when the cable is formed.
3. The density is small, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost and weight of the cable.
4. The oxygen index of the flame retardant filler strip is as high as 30 or more, which can effectively improve the flame retardant performance of the cable.
5. According to customer needs, it can also process filling strips of PVC and other materials.
6. The cable filling rope should be stored in a clean, cool, dry and ventilated warehouse.

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