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Why suppositories are wrapped in foil


Why are suppositories wrapped in foil? This is because […]

Why are suppositories wrapped in foil? This is because aluminum foil has several properties that make it ideal for safe, convenient, and general-purpose packaging of pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, powders, and liquids. The unmatched barrier properties of aluminium foil make it impermeable to moisture, aromas, oxygen and other gases, as well as microorganisms and light. Therefore, sensitive products such as suppositories can stay in perfect condition for a long time. Aluminum foil is non-toxic and harmless and does not contain or grow bacteria, which is another reason suppositories are wrapped in aluminum foil. The foil package can be used in a completely sterile state.

Aluminum mylar is also suitable for tamper-evident sealing and anti-counterfeiting security applications such as holograms. In the medical and personal care markets, pharmaceutical foils are primarily used for push-on blisters due to their high barrier properties, sealable and frangible films. In cold-formed blisters or stick packs (such as for suppositories), the excellent formability of aluminum foil allows us to form the material into highly complex shapes without compromising its barrier integrity. Aluminium foil also has very good environmental properties – it reduces weight, reduces shipping and handling costs, and provides full protection for sensitive pharmaceutical packaging contents. Advanced separation technology enables aluminium foil from household waste to be recovered and recycled at a fraction of the original energy cost.

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